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So what's the story behind those HUGE scissors?

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There's got to be a story behind those HUGE wooden scissors. Well.....they were inherited from my Grandma Helen who was a fellow quilter, seamstress, cake decorator, photographer's assistant and department store window decorator and all around awesome grandma.  Grandma Helen passed away a few years ago and I always had my eye on her giant scissors. I've been told that she acquired them during her window dressing area, which is where she met her husband, Lou Pinnell. She and my grandpa both worked at Desmond's department store in the LA area designing and decorating store windows.

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I thought I was a 4th generation sewist, but I learned recently that my Great Great Great Grandmother Nicolene Wilhelmine Petersen, from Fredericksburg, Denmark who was born in 1823 owned her own fabric and dress making store! WHAT?!?!?! Nicolene was a well educated ambitions and industrious woman in her time. She married a sea captain who was gone most of the time. With loads of time on her hands she opened a ladies dress making salon. She made women's fine furnishings. 

I may not own my own fabric store but I think recent endevours with designing fabric and sewing for the last 22 years may qualify me to say that I've caught the sewing bug, and this time it's definitley hereditary. 

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